So here we go…

I have a strange relationship with technology.  I love it passionately and hate it mercilessly.  One minute I’m thinking how great it would be to be a cyborg, and the next I’m considering burning everything and living “off the grid” for the rest of my life.  It’s a constant struggle for me.  I see all the wonderful things that are possible with technology, and then all the terrible things that people do with it.

I love that I can find out information about just about anything and I hate that people will start checking their Facebook when you are trying to have a conversation with them.  I love that we have sent human beings to the moon and I hate that we invented nuclear weapons.  I love that anyone with a internet connection is free to share with the world their ideas and I hate that we are destroying the planet and can’t seem to do anything meaningful about it.

All the electronic stimulation can overtake me.  There is too much to read, to watch, to listen to.  I forget that just a few years ago all this technology that so consumes us didn’t exist.

Technology is wonderful, however, I have grown to realize that a balance must be struck.  This is the essence of what I am going to write about.  I want to use technology to grow closer to the natural world.  So I’m going to grab my gear and head out.  I love the state parks in my home state of Tennessee.  Being a new transplant to Texas, I guess I’ll start by checking out their parks and see what they have to offer.

I’m always down for an adventure and I can’t wait to see where all this will take me.  So, here we go…

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