Two Blogs You Should Check Out

I started this blog as part of a class project.  If you would like to see a full list of all of our class blogs, you can find that here.  I have been checking out as many of them as I can just to see what people are up to.  It has been interesting looking through the work that everyone is producing.

There have been a couple of blogs that I have been impressed with.  The first is Backpacking Over There.  Hanna Greenlee is doing something similar to what I am doing.  She is traveling around Texas and talking about her experiences.  I am really looking forward to more posts from her.

The second blog I found interesting is called So We Need To Talk.  Julianna Reel is discussing her relationships and offering advise based on her experiences.  What impressed me most about her blog is that she is producing a podcast to go along with her blog.  I like to see people that aren’t just completing the assignment but really going beyond what is asked of them.

I’ll continue checking out class blogs and if I find anymore that I find interesting I’ll let you know!

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