New App Idea

In class we were asked to come up with an idea for a new app related to our blog topic.  My blog has mostly been about hiking.  One app that I would love to have would be an app that identifies plants by taking a picture of it.  You would enter certain information such as location and month of the year.  This would help the app narrow down possible matches.  Once a positive ID has been made, it would add your information to a database to help future identifications.

The first picture I have is of the camera interface.  It would be really simply, just a camera button.


The second image is of the returned results of your search.  You could also include information such as if the plant is edible or if there are medicinal uses.


This app would also be great for taking plant life surveys.  An additional app that could be created could also identify animals or insects by taking a picture of them.

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