Ecology Action of Texas or Clean Up that Mess!

Ecology Action of Texas Recycling Center. Image courtesy of

There is an organization here in Austin that I have become really interested in.  They are called Ecology Action of Texas.  They run a recycling center in Austin and are involved in environmental conservation and landfill remediation.  They are also involved in helping bring about zero waste initiatives.

Founded in 1969 by a group of UT students, Ecology Action of Texas has been working extremely hard to help create a healthier environment for Austin and the surrounding area.  They are also working to build an education center called The Center for Sustainable Futures.  I am excited by the work that they have done and are currently doing.

I had scheduled an interview with Joaquin Mariel, the Executive Director for Ecology Action of Texas but unfortunately things came up and we were forced to postpone the interview.  It is still in the works however and as soon as we can reschedule I will post the interview on the blog.  I am really looking forward to it!  I am also planning on volunteering with their organization.  I have had a growing need to become more involved in nature conservation and I feel like this is a great opportunity!  I will write more as things happen and hopefully post pictures I have taken of all of their facilities and hard work!

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