Final Post for Class or More to Come!

I started this blog as a project for a class but it has become so much more.  This blog has helped me focus in on what it is I want to do, and what I want to say.  It has given me direction.  I have enjoyed all the time I have spent outside and I the time I have spent photographing and writing for this blog.


It was really helpful getting into new social media outlets that I had either never used, or used very little.  The two most helpful to me were Twitter and Instagram.  Twitter is great for connecting with other people with similar interests and for spreading the word when I post a new blog.  Instagram has been a wonderful platform for sharing my photos and for finding other amazing photographers.  Even though I had never really used either before this class, I will definitely be using them from now on.

I am really not sure where I am headed in the future but writing this blog has given me a lot of ideas.  It has been extremely helpful for me to just write.  I struggled when I began this blog.  The words come much more naturally to me now.  The skills I have learned in regards to social media have created a wave I plan to continue riding.  I have really enjoyed all of the feedback that I have received as I have been blogging.

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